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Capsumed Pharm GmbH has supported companies for years in their way in the market for nutritional supplements. As an experienced full-service provider, we offer a customized solution package from formula development to shipment of your manufactured products to your customers. Choose either from our range of standard formulas and distribute them under your own brand, or develop your own formula with our assistance. Our certified production facilities and modern equipment enable us to manufacture your own products at the highest quality level, starting at production volumes of 6,000 capsules or 1,000 blister packs. Competence, friendly service and reliability are the basis for our customer support at Capsumed Pharm. Our full-service processing capabilities are characterized by our flexibility, speed and efficiency. See for yourself! Capsumed Pharm – your competent manufacturer of nutritional supplements, orthomolecular substances and phytotherapeutic agents.

We provide the path for the "molecular" future of your products

Even experts from life sciences such as human medicine, chemistry, pharmacy, biochemistry or nutritional science are frequently overchallenged with risk-benefit considerations for nutritional supplements, dietetic foods, orthomolecular substances and phytotherapeutic agents. This is true as well due to the fact that such products are broad-based, and the molecular assessment of dose-effective ranges are required for complete risk-benefit consideration. With defined measurement criteria as a background, the challenge is now to determine consumption kinetics of the materials in the cells, recognize a possible toxicity and describe biochemical processes of the materials or material groups in a molecular fashion. With a starting package called "Innovation Checklist", supported by the Österreichische Forschungsförderungsgesellschaft mbH (FFG, Austrian research support association), Capsumed was able to win the working group led by Prof. Mag. Dr. Florian Überall (Medical University of Innsbruck, Biocenter, Department of Medical Biochemistry) for a biochemical agent analysis of medicinal mushrooms. Thus, the existing consulting expert circle at Capsumed was extended by an "experimental" working team. After this starting phase, the group plans to extend biochemical work which was contributed in 2008 by Prof. Überall, called the "FFG Bridge" project, to "Phytest - Establishing an in-vitro model for risk-benefit assessment of phytotherapeutic pharmaceutical agents." Capsumed thus establishes the range for a "molecular" future of its products, thus actively contributing to patient safety, efficacy and incuousness of its raw materials and products. Technological developments and innovations in the field of "phytotherapeutic agents" are advanced by this collaboration, as well as new commercial targeting in a fast-growing nutritional supplements and pharmaceutical market within and outside the European Union. 

präventa by CAPSUMED

Own brand of Capsumed Pharm. Micronutrient supplements, vitamins and dietary supplements for orthomolecular therapy.

Dietary supplements

Micronutrients in concentrated form as a single agent or combination preparation that serve the general prevention or therapeutic treatment of accompanying diseases.


Plant extracts, which are authorized as food supplements and increase the well-being of their health-promoting properties.


Micronutrients and endogenous substances in specific dosages and combinations for the prevention and adjunctive therapy for specific disorders and symptoms.