Formula and product development

In their own laboratory, our experts develop individual formulas for your target group, specifically tailored to your ideas and your customers' needs. Specialists from the areas of nutritional science, pharmacy and medicine can support you with their well-founded knowledge. Experienced Galenic specialists can assist you in implementing the right formula for your nutritional supplements with ideally effective and maximum bioavailable ingredients. We know the legal requirements, can support you with legally-required steps, and help in the production of marketable labels. We can also help you with the development of your own brand and the market positioning. You can concentrate on marketing and sales, while we work behind the curtains.

Dr. Michael Helm

Our expert in product development: The botanist, biochemist and cell biologist has published works in the areas of cell biology and protein biochemistry within the scope of his research work at the Technical University of Munich. He is an expert in protein purification and biochemistry of proteases. His knowledge of structural biology was deepened by his two-year experience as a guest researcher in the working group of Prof. Robert Huber (Munich), the 1988 Nobel Prize-winning structural biochemist. His experience as an active bicycle racer thirty years ago created an intense interest in the connections between nutrition and performance, especially in the complex interactions between vitamins, minerals, amino acids and phytomaterials. His strong interest in the area of nutrition repeatedly led him to practical experiences, which is why he worked as a baker and an Alpine dairyman. In the last few years, he has addressed himself to the dynamic field of nutritional supplements and nutritional medicine products. He has successfully worked in this area as a development manager for many years. Dr. Michael Helm came to Capsumed at the end of 2008, bringing his long experience and broad-scope know-how to the areas of nutritional physiology and phyto raw materials.

Your advantages

- Own laboratory
- Market approval testing
- Specialists in all areas under one roof
- Individual recipes for your audience
- Creating marketable labels