Logistics, storage and shipment

Our logistics and shipping department can take on the complete processing of your orders. Starting with storage and inventory control of your products, through order acceptance and professional processing in your name, through to packaging of the goods and shipment to your customers. It goes without saying that the professional training of our staff is, of course, as important as prompt individual shipments to your customers. Close collaboration with our customer center provides you smooth processing behind the curtains, which ensures your image as a professional and competent business partner.

GOGREEN - climate-neutral shipping

We can work together to do something to combat climate change, and to leave behind a healthy environment for future generations. We therefore ship using the CO2-neutral shipping service, GOGREEN. This service measures the transport and processing of customer shipments' produced CO2 emissions, and balances it through investments in internationally-recognized climate protection projects. The emission calculations, reductions and balance of GOGREEN's service are audited annually by official authorities..